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As michael wetzel kunstübersetzer, I am your “art translator” for German texts on the visual arts; I also edit English original texts in this field.

I offer translations as a native speaker, i.e. English translations of German originals. I adhere to the same standards of stylistic quality and discursive precision that you expect from good original texts.  

With BAs in Art History and Art Education from the University of Illinois and an MA (Magister) in Art History from the Freie Universität Berlin, I am an authority in my field of expertise. I have been living in Berlin since 2003 and am interested in the art world on both sides of the Atlantic. My clear thematic focus allows me to continuously update my discourse and expand my knowledge.

My first priority is to build the kind of long-term professional partnerships that are typical for free-lancers. At the same time, I offer a linguistic and thematic specialization rarely found without the help of large translation services.